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Bondassage® MIAMI Professional Training

Bondassage Training is now available in Miami with Trainer Ms Vivienne Masters.

Fashion your next greatest session. If you want to expand your repertiore and impress those you touch, explore Bondassage® Professional training. It’s a sensual artform entirely unique that will have them coming back for more. 

Professional Bondassage training is for sensual massage artists, sacred intimates, Tantrikas, erotic sexological bodyworkers, Pro Dommes, and adult service providers of all kinds. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to model a memorable Bondassage experience. I provide comprehensive training tailored to your personal talents and gifts.     kFashion The two day Bondassage training is designed for sensually Adventurous Individuals and couples, Bodyworkers, Tantrikas, Sexological Bodyworkers, Pleasure Artists, Healers, Sacred Intimates, Pro Dommes, Educators and Professionals of all kinds. You’ll gain the knowlege you need to model a  memorable Bondassage experience. I provide comprehensive training tai

2 Day Bondassage Training

This intensive training is compact designed to learn the sequence of Bondassage over the course of two daysYou’ll learn how to access your inner Dominant and skillfully craft a session with sensual sensation play, tantalizing bodywork techniques, light bondage, and sensory deprivation inlcluding how to set up, break down, clean up and safety. It will give you the skills you need to create a safe, luxuriously comfortable space.

You’ll receive in person ONE on ONE – STEP by STEP instruction and learn on a variety of experienced demonstration models provided by Me at My studio in Miami.



  • Bondassage Manual with copyrighted sequence and more !
  • Certified Bondassage Practitioner certificate
  • One follow-up 60 minute phone consultation and unlimited email with creatrix Jaeleen Bennis
  • Continuing Education and Community Suport on our private
    Facebook, Signal chat group, and a once a month Webinar
  • Access to our private practitioner resource website
    Bondassage University
  • Bondassage Book: Kinky Erotic Tips for Lovers
  • Mind Blindfold
  • Erotic Music Playlist
  • Certified Practitioner banner for your website and advertising
  • FREE Advertising on the Bondassage website
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Flexible Bondassage Training 1 to 2 weeks

Flexible training is designed for those who have busy schedules and prefer learning with shorter sessions over a longer amount of time. 

Tuition $3600 (USD)

*NOTE: prices go up June 1, 2020

Add Elysium (+one 6hr day) to your Bondassage MIAMI Training for an additional $1000 (USD)

*Payment Plan Available

Choose the Flexible Package pay as you go with 50% down or Save $200 with the Best Package. CC’s Accepted / Paypal 

'Vivienne is My Bondassage Trainer, so she teached me a lot. Which, for you who know me, takes a little patience.'

Ketsi Suede, Sweden
(trained in Miami)
Bondassage Practitioner