About Ms Masters

‘It is My mission to guide and empower others with skills for enhancing education as a pro or for personal use.’ 

Ms Masters is a certified Trainer of BONDASSAGE® ELYSIUM®
originally from NYC

She offers Professional Training Online and in Miami, Florida.

Ms Masters also offers Bondassage coaching and guiding for Couples.      

Her practice is constantly changing and evolving as She continues educating Herself in the Sensual Art of Female Dominance. She’s been using Her innate gifts for as long as She can remember. A passionate and demanding woman who lives in the moment, She enjoys pushing boundaries using Her creativity.

Credentials: Certified Master Training with Jaeleen Bennis, Bondassage® Continuing Education Master Training Courses – Bondassage® University, Forte Femme Intensive Workshop with Midori, The Art of Feminine Touch – New York City, Kink Academy Workshop with Princess Kali, Copy Cure Program with Marie Forleo, Model Blueprint Program with Amberly Rothfield, BDSM Workshops at Beyond Leather and Exxxotica Expo, Vedic Thai Massage with Mukti, and Ashiatsu with Peithing Lu.

Ms Masters is also a student of the Human Design which consumes and fascinates Her. She is a Projector, a person meant to guide with a 2/4 personality. If you would like a FREE Human Design Birth chart reading you’re welcome to connect and contact Her. Email info@BondassageTraining.com

My Story

Back in 2014, I wanted to do something different, something special with limitless opportunities. ⁣I wanted to work for Myself and level up.⁣ I believed I had more to offer the world and knew there was a need for more sensual healers using BDSM as an alternative, uncoventional therapy . . . I wanted to use My talents in the most unique way. ⁣

Being My own boss means I have control of My time and do WHAT I WANT to do with it.⁣ My health, education and happiness comes first and I believe in working smarter, not harder. ⁣

Learning Bondassage enabled Me the freedom I craved and the money I wanted to live a life I deserve. I tapped into My inner power, gained more confidence and improved My skills - providing My clients the best experience ever. ⁣Not only that, it also connected Me to a community of people just like Me ! Fellow Bondassage practitioners.⁣

I have an amazing mentor, the founder Jaeleen Bennis and support from My Bondassage family. ⁣

This is My story and I believe this can be for you too. ⁣

There’s a reason why you are here. Feel free to contact Me on how to get certified in ⁣this must-have Professional Training with Me today.

Ms Masters
Bondassage Trainer